Mattress Sizes

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Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, including twins, doubles, queens and kings. Pick the right size mattress with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress. View Video Transcript

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Sizes are very important when choosing a mattress. Especially if two people are sitting in a bed you want to go the largest size possible that will fit in the room. And the largest size possible is the California or Eastern king. And basically you have two twin sizes put together, that's the size of a king or an Eastern king. It's seventy-six inches wide by eighty inches long. And so when you're choosing a bed you want to go to the largest size possible that you can fit into the room. Over here I have a Queen size, a lot of people sleep on a Queen. A Queen size is basically two Crib mattresses that are put together. And so can you see how it's important to go to the largest size possible. After that, we have a Double size, this back here is our Double size and believe it or not since the1940's this was the largest size they use to make was the Double, that was the standard, you couldn't go any larger than that, this was the largest size. And then after in the 50s they came out with the Queen and then a little bit after that they came out with the King size so. This is a Double, two people can sleep on it believe it or not. It's fifty-four by seventy-four, so it's the same length as a twin size but wider.