What Scent Repels Mice?

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Mice are typically repelled by the scent of moth balls, bleach or gasoline, but using odors as repellents can create a reverse effect. Find out why mice may first approach a smell that will eventually repel them with help from an instructor and... View Video Transcript

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What scent will repel mice? This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. A scent that repels mice...they're like any other critter out there, us included. Most of us don't like napthaline, moth balls. That can repel mice. I can't stand it to use a full strength bleach. I can't stand full strength ammonia, of course you don't want to mix the two there, that that would be a real negative, but napthaline, will that repel mice? Yeah, the odor from napthaline, the odor from moth balls is definitely a repellent for 'em. But there's so many other things that are repellents also. But at the same time, a mouse is curious. They're going to inspect it. They're going to find out what the odor is coming from, what's generating it? The curiosity is well, part of what kills it most of the time because that's why they go in a rat trap, or a mouse trap. But what scent repels 'em? I would almost stick with a napthaline type of scent, but most any pungent odor that really stinks and has a gaseous type effect, gasoline, would probably repel a repel a mice. They're not going to go towards the gas tank, they're not going to go towards the the volatile fluids. So, but you gotta be very careful with it. I wouldn't use the repellent, an odor, as a repellent to repel mice. They're going to first be attracted to it, and then you're going to have a problem because they're in, you've brought 'em back into your area. So using a scent to repel mice, maybe not a good idea. Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.