How to Store a Cordless Nailer

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Hello! This is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we are here to talk about cordless nail guns. After use and after cleaning, you want to practice good storage habits. This particular model comes with its own case. It will help protect the unit for storage and during transport but before you put it in the case, you want to remove the battery. It slides out and how I did that, again I just pressed the button and it slides out. Now this particular model has several compartments for extra batteries. We will use this one; put the battery in its place. Pretty much this gun would be ready to store away but one thing I would like to add if you do plan on storing it for a long period of time, may I suggest removing the gas cylinder and again, we just push that out. Gas cylinder comes out and there are quite a few extra provisions for the gas cylinder. As you can see, I have a few extras, I don't have any extras but you can see where the gas cylinder goes. The gun itself fits in just like so. Close the lid, latch it and store in cool dry place.