Will Salt Kill Fleas?

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Salt will kill fleas if it is evenly applied throughout a carpet, left for several days, and then vacuumed up after about a week. Rake highly refined salt into a home carpet to kill fleas with instructions from a certified exterminator and arborist in... View Video Transcript

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Hi friends, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida and I have been asked a question will salt kill fleas? Well yes, salt is a desiccant and when applied properly will kill fleas. Well how do you do this? Well let's say you have a flea problem inside your home. You need to go out and find yourself some very highly refined salt which is available in some different types of stores. They do carry salt that has been ground very finely and you can take that and you can sprinkle that very evenly over your carpet. Some people have to rake it in actually when they are done and why you put it in your carpet is because that is normally where your flea larva and the fleas will actually be living. So you rake it over your carpet very very neat, most homes only require a slight amount of the actual salt in order to do a whole house. I have seen people do it with less than one pound of salt but once it is raked in you let it sit in there, it takes a good couple of days to a week to go ahead and kill the fleas and the flea larva. How it kills the fleas is as the fleas come in contact with the small crystals the crystals rub into the body of the flea and the flea bleeds to death so that is the easy way that the fleas are killed and salt is a natural way to go ahead and do this. Now as a professional in the pest control industry I always recommend professional application to go ahead and do this because some carpet manufacturers may not want the salt down inside the carpeting so this is something you might have to check on if you are going to go ahead and try this but the answer to your question will the salt kill fleas? Absolutely. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida, hoping you have a pest free day.