How to Keep Bees Out of Shrubs

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In order to keep bees out of shrubs, simply inspect the shrubs on a monthly basis and spray any nests with a natural warp and hornet killer. Discover how most of these sprays will shoot up to 20 feet with help from a pest control company in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jason with Greenhouse Pest Management, Atlanta's only true natural pest control company. Today we're going to be talking about bees in shrubs and how to prevent them. To be honest with you there's really no way to prevent bees in shrubs. The best thing to do is walk around on a monthly basis and and just inspect inside your shrubs. Usually you're going to find hornet nests and such up inside here, yellow jackets you might find down towards the root area. The best thing to do is when you do find the nest, find a can of wasp and hornet killer you can buy at any convenience store, local store around you. We actually use a natural wasp and hornet killer like this. When you find the nest, simply spray the nest inside the bush, wait for them to die, make sure they die and then go in cut the nest out and that will take care of your wasps and hornets. When you do spray this on the hornet nest, or the yellow jacket nest or the bee nest, whatever it may be you want to make sure you're actually aiming it right at the nest. It does have a nozzle on here and will shoot about twenty feet with most products. You don't want to spray in your face, you don't want to spray your neighbor, you don't want spray your kids because it will hurt, it will burn your eyes and sometimes it can be unhealthy.