How to Change the Air Filter on a Cordless Nailer

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Hello, this is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we're here to talk about cordless nail guns. Another area of importance in maintaining your cordless nailer is your air filter. We were talking about a fan earlier, well that fan clears the nailer of any spant or unspant gases and there's a filter that filters that air charge prior to it running through the machine. So in order to change this or to clean this filter, we'll need to remove the gas cartridge. Again push up, which notice also I've already removed my battery. Push up on the gas cylinder, open the lid and the gas cylinder should slide out. Now we've exposed where we can remove the filter, we press down, the cover comes off, the filter comes out. Now this is a stainless steel screen which can be cleaned with just regular soap and water, dry it thoroughly, place it back onto the machine and then reinsert our cover.