Sharpening a Spade Drill Bit

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How to sharpen a spade drill bit; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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WILLIE: Hi, my name is Willie. I'm from Carson Saw Shop here in Eugene, Oregon and I've been sharpening tools here for 25, 30 years and I'm here with Expert Village today. I have another common bit, it's called a spade bit and it's a flat type of bit. It's kinda like a Brad Point. It has little tangs on the outside edge to cut the wood. You want to make sure not to get these points too sharp because then they'll grab too much and you want a kind of knife edge, the outside, when you're drilling a hole with these. So the way I'll sharpen this one, the same way I'll use a little bit of this side of the wheel to get the center pilot cut, then I want to go in here and use the edge that's already pretty dressed to the shape that kinda fits in there, trying not to go on too far to the outside and take that little tang off. I just want to get that tang sharpened up so it'll not be too aggressive, but just be cutting the outside grain the first. Then, I want to might use a little touch on the center pilot. That looks about perfect.