How to Install the Valve for a Sprinkler System

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Learn how to install the valve for a sprinkler system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Fernando with Expert Village where going over installing a valve. The valve as I mention before the controlling hub here is the actual timer and this is a power unit. The power is distributed to the valve base on this controller and the timer would then tell each valve when to turn on and turn off. The electricity from each valve is run all the way from the green portion is the valve is run from the original power source. The power is those two wires hanging it would be then connected to the timer that we just saw. So here this is the water source would provide plenty of power usually I like to do about 15 sprinklers per valve and if I need additional then I would need to put in a additional valve in. Some time you can get around it depending on your plans. Again here I am putting pvc piping glue on the exterior male and the interior female, putting pressure in certain area in it and laying it dry once dry the sprinkler system would be fully operational. And here we are looking at the actual wire from the valve which would be going to the timer. To prevent it from getting loose and possibly cut in the future. I'm Fernando looking at our valve and timers for Expert Village