How to Repel Paper Wasps

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Repelling paper wasps involves hosing down their nests repeatedly until they are forced to find a new location and spraying their nests with spice-infused water and fragrant oils. Get wasps to find a new nesting spot with information from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to control paper wasps. Now wasps look a lot like bees. They're yellow with black stripes and there's all different types of wasps. Hornets are wasps, so are yellow jackets. So wasps have a purpose just like any other insect or animal and I try not to harm them in any way. So my rule of thumb is, if you have a few wasps on your property or in your area and they're away from the house and away from people, don't worry about them. But if you have a nest right by the front door in the eaves or you have a nest of them in your trampoline, then you need to take action and the easiest way to repel any kind of paper wasp or any kind of wasp, is to find out where they're nesting. So if they have a nest right under your eaves or anywhere else, in a tree near your house, then wait till early evening or late afternoon when they're just coming in and they've been gone all day and I just take my hose and I hose down the nest. So they'll make a nest then the little cones and so I just wash that nest off. And so they have no home to come to and they're going to have to find a new home. And so I check the next day and sure enough, they're always trying to build another nest where you've just hosed the nest down. Wash it off again, keep doing it day after day after day. Eventually they will move to another location that won't be right next to your house. And that way then you can protect yourself from the wasps. So paper wasps don't like any kind of spices either. So you can always mix up a mix of oils and lavender and curry powder and cayenne pepper or any type of hot chili pepper, Tabasco, and if you spray them with that it will repel them. Or if there's any area in your deck or if you have an area that they're coming to, any type of citrus oil, even if you take a lemon and spray it into a kind of a spray bottle and let it soak and then spray the area down too, that will also repel all types of paper wasps. But in the end, I've found that we need to work with them and they need to work with us and as long as we set boundaries, they shouldn't be a problem and you can repel them.