Killing Squirrels Humanely

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Killing a squirrel humanely is dependent on the wildlife rules in a given area, but they are usually caught in a live trap and put to sleep. Look to the local department of agriculture for rules on how to humanely deal with squirrels with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi friends, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. Now we've been asked the question about how to kill a squirrel humanely. Well remember that, depending on the wildlife rules in your area, there are different methods in order to either get rid of the squirrels or to kill them humanely. Now I would first of all have you seek the counsel of the Department of Agriculture in your individual state which will dictate the methods that you can use. In some states what they will do is they will put out a live trap and they'll trap the squirrel. You know, a lot of times it will be inside of a home or structure and you could actually trap the squirrel. Once they're trap in a live trap, some of them will actually take out the squirrel and they'll, by law they'll have to put the squirrels to sleep. Now they usually do that by drowning or some other method that is particular to the state and question. Some states actually require that you shoot the squirrels once the squirrels have been trapped. But again, making sure that you find out what your individual Department of Agriculture states that you have to do for squirrels; that's what you're going to have to follow through. Now many companies may just try to exclude the squirrels when first of all getting into the property you're trying to, you're trying to protect. That's what ABC Pest Control does. We use one way doors as an exclusionary materials to keep the squirrels out of the structure or those that are in, they only have one way out and let them go out and they can live their days peacefully out in the oak trees where they're supposed to be. But, certain companies do go out there and they will have to, eliminate the squirrels and that's one of the processes that they will use. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida; hoping you have a pest-free day.