Memory Foam Mattress Tops

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A mattress with a memory foam mattress topper and individually wrapped coils provide good support and pressure relief. Find out more about memory foam mattresses with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress. View Video Transcript

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Another one is they also on these individually wrap coils, they'll put a memory foam on top or a memory foam latex. And this foam is heat sensitive, and what it does is it alleviates pressure points and contours really good. You can see it's slow recovery right there and that that really alleviates a lot of pressure points. So they either use the latex memory or the memory foam itself on the top part of the bed. The third key component you're looking for is the edge guard on the outside edge. OK. Most of all your premium beds are going to be foam encased on the edge. And that makes it so you're able to have more of a sleeping surface, a better sleeping surface. And you're able to sleep right out on the edge of the bed and that sleeping on the edge of the bed gives you more sleeping surface without feeling like you're going to roll off. And also is I'm going to sit right here. It also helps on the edge guard when you're when you're sitting on the bed, it gives you more support on the very edge of the bed. And that is going to make your edges last a lot longer.