Sharpening Scissors

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How to sharpen scissors; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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WILLIE CARSON: Hi. My name is Willie. I'm from Carson Saw Shop here in Eugene, Oregon and I've been sharpening tools here for 25, 30 years, and I'm here with the Expert Village today. These scissors, I'm going to have to use a fine wheel on this stainless here so it doesn't like to be cut with a coarse wheel; it really chews in to it. So I'll go back to that thin and fine wheel I had which works good on a lot of tools because now enough it will fit in there without binding. Gotta follow what angle's existing on there. It looks about right. If you run your finger across the front face of it here you should be able to feel that there's kind of a wire edge built up that means you've removed enough material there to what you've cut a new edge. So that's stuff that we'll hone off is probably where the dullness was. Then a lot of times on scissors you want to push them apart so the blades aren't touching on the way in the first time. And then you put pressure on them and back and I'm going to across on the way out so if there's any wires you'll just be pushing them away. Those feel good so they're good to go.