Tips & Techniques for Sanding Wood Furniture

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Learn tips and techniques for how to refinish old wood furniture, including how to sand furniture for stain removal, in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, let's get this project started. Notice how I got my hair pulled back, safety goggles are on and I've got the mask ready to go. I also have the project on a level surface and the smaller pieces have been properly secured so they don't move around while I am sanding. Here are some tips for sanding. Be sure to secure your item properly before sanding. Always make sure to start the power sander before placing it on the wood. Use both hands to control the sander while using minimal pressure. Don't lean in to or onto the sander as this can produce uneven spots in the wood. Do any grinding work at a slight angle with just the top third of the disc in contact with the work piece. For the orbital sander, make sure you are traveling in the direction of the wood grain. Have a towel or vacuum nearby to clean off the sawdust as you are working. This ensures that the surface you are working on is clean and will be sanded evenly. And don't forget to change the sandpaper as it will get worn down while you are sanding. Here is a couple more safety tips as well. When you turn off the sander, always make sure it has stopped completely before setting it down. Never touch the sandpaper while it is moving on the sander because you will end up sanding yourself.