Learn What to Wear When Using a Power Sweeper

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Determine the appropriate clothes to wear when operating a power sweeper in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, we would be talking about proper dress for using a power sweeper. First, you want to make sure that you do not wear loose clothing. You notice that my shirt and my jeans are pretty snugged. They are not too baggy. If you have long hair, you want to tie it back or if you have jewelry, you want to take it off. Those could get sucked into the inlet holes here and could injure you. You also want to wear a good pair of closed toe shoes and a good pair of ANSI Z87 approved eye protection is also a must. Lastly, you just want to use common sense. TGere would be a lot of flying debris as you are sweeping and you just want to protect any expose skin or your eye/anything that can potentially get hit by an object.