How to Prepare Sandpaper for an Electric Sander

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Hi, my name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village today I'd like to talk to you about a portable electric sander. There are sandpapers that are available that are pre-cut to size that will work with sanders of this size. These sanders use a quarter sheet so prior to installing the sandpaper we will need to cut it down in quarters. To do so we simply fold the sandpaper in half. Then to make a good edge on it we'll fold it in the opposite direction on the same edge. Get a really good crease on it. Then if you want to follow me back to the edge of the table we'll go ahead and cut the paper. Now we could do that with a pair of scissors, we could do it with a razor blade but if you don't have one handy this works just as well. The sharp edge of the table, put the paper in where we made our crease and just tear the paper. Now, we've made halves, it's still too big for our machine so we're going to need to cut it down again into a quarter. And we'll just follow the same process. Fold the paper in half, fold it again in the other direction. Make a good crease in it that will help ensure that you get a clean cut. And then bring it to the edge of your table again. And there you have it; a quartered piece of sandpaper.