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Mattress prices depend on the size, comfort, support and durability of the mattress. Find out how much mattresses cost with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress. View Video Transcript

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Prices range in a variety of way. They start off from a queen set from two ninety-nine and they go all the way up over there to six thousand dollars. And I'm not saying you have to spend six thousand dollars, but an adult should be somewhere in the middle of the road. The two ninety-nine beds are designed for price point. They're not going to be as comfortable. They're not going to have as much support. As you go up in the price scales, you get more support and then more comfort. Better comfort layers are going to be added to the bed, and what that does for you is that in a twenty year period those more expensive beds are going to last longer and feel more comfortable for a longer period of time. So it's important to choose the right bed by laying on it and then also you want to be in your price range. And so you can expect to spend in a queen size set seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars and up. Almost all the major brands like your Sealy, your Spring Air, your Simmons usually have a you know good quality bed in that price point that you can try. And also they'll have different firmnesses. They'll have the the firm. They'll have the medium firm. And then they'll have the plush and also a pillow top like this or a Euro-top which adds a lot more comfort layer. And it and it gives you a multiple choices of firmness to choose from so you're able to select the bed. As you go up in price, the materials are going to get better quality, and they're going to last longer. And they're going to be more comfortable for a longer period of time. So it's just a matter what your price range's going to be and how much you want to spend. A lot of the mattress stores have financing available, interest free financing, which really help you to get in that bed maybe you can't afford right now but you know gives you twenty four months interest free to pay it off.