How to Maneuver Around Cement

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Learn how to maneuver around cement while installing an irrigation system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village going over how to maneuver around certain obstructions like cement. Here you could see we are here next to a fence and do to what is in the dirt we are not able to have a clear cut obstruction view of the actual trench. This trench is straight and runs completely along the cement. With most cement you don't want it to break away the cement as this would merely laid for this property you want to always want to incorporate the actual land. Now here is the problem we need to get our piping from the left side of that slab of cement to where we are now looking into this mini trench of a system. The key to doing this is by having the tools such as so which is basically iron rod that is forcefully shoved underneath the actual cement block. You could see the example of the hole that was further widen from the metal piping that we used to clear the pvc piping. The hole isn't large as we just need enough room for that pvc piping to go ahead and enter and exit out the other side. I'm Fernando with Expert Village.