Learn Power Sweeper Safety Tips

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip, we would be talking about power sweeper safety. First, off you do not want to use the tool with a damaged cord. Here this cord has started to separate and we can see those wires inside of it. You would either want to fix the cord or get a new cord before using the tool. Now the cord is the lifeline of your tool. So you want to make sure you never pull or carry the tool by the cord or use the cord as the handle. Make sure you don't close the door on the cord or pull it around any type of sharp objects or corners. When unplugging the tool, if you unplug it from the chord and pull, it would separate the plug end from the cord. As we see this one has become damaged from doing that. To unplug it properly you want to grasp the plug in and pull it straight out. Now you never want to put anything in the opening or use the tool when the opening is blocked. Some people might think that it is fun to shoot stuff out but it is just going to lead to injury. You always want to turn off the tool before you unplug it. This would help prevent any accidental starting next time you use the tool.