Safety Tips for Sharpening Tools

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How to use some safety tips when sharpening garden tools; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on sharpening gardening tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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Fred Carson

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Hi, my name is Fred Carson and I'm with Carson's Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon and I've been sharpening tools for over 30 years and I'm here with Expert Village. We're going to do a little thing on safety, most important part with be the face shield, keeps particles from getting in your eyes so it's very important to where this. This will completely prevent any eye injuries. There is your standard ear plug, they are an important part, because the ear is very fragile. we always use earplugs. You don't want things loose if you are on a grinder where something is loose with a motor especially long hair, you do not want to get long hair in a grinder that's running in a circular motion under power. The only other thing of concern would be the dust and these standard dust masks, they definitely keep dust out of your nose and out of your mouth. If you are sharpening carbide it is especially important to use a dust mask because they are a really fine particulate. Thank you for joining us. I'm Fred Carson of Carson?s Saw Shop and this is Expert Village. Thank you very much.