Cordless Nailer Safety Features

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Hello! This is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we are here to talk about cordless nail guns. There is a safety feature built into most nail guns whether it be air powered or cordless like this one. One of them is notice if I pull the trigger, it sounds like a fan comes on but it won't drive a nail and thank goodness, that's a very good safety feature. In order to drive the nail that you saw a moment ago, you must press it thoroughly or all the way into the surface that you are trying to nail and then pull the trigger. In other words, it won't drive the nail unless it is pressed up against the wood. You will also notice that when you depress the trigger, you can hear a fan sound and there is a built in fan on the unit that clears it from many gases because again, we are using butane and the fan will come on before and after each use to make sure that all gases spent were combusted gases are free and clean from the unit's indoor chambers. Okay, pressing the trigger, we hear the fan come on. Also after applying the nail, we hear the fan come on.