Dressing a Grinding Wheel for Sharpening Tools

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How to dress a grinding wheel for sharpening tools; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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WILLIE: Hi! My name's Willie. I'm from Carson's Saw Shop, here in Eugene, Oregon, and I've been sharpening tools here for 25 to 30 years and I'm here with Expert Village today. Now, I'll show you hot to dress a wheel here. This is a quarter-inch wheel. I'm going to put the file in on there there. This is the correct one. This one already has paper on it, so I don't have to add that. And of course this wheel dresser is real versatile for--I can cut like--on this one, I want to cut a 45 degree on this one. Also, I can use it on the sides of the wheel to clean those up if I'm going to use the side, get some new, fresh particles out. And one thing about grinding wheels is they're pretty safe.