How to Build a Squirrel Trap

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How to Build a Squirrel Trap - Provided by eHow
Building a squirrel trap will generally be more difficult, costly and time consuming than just buying a professional trap. Use nuts in a squirrel trap from any hardware store with advice from the owner of a pest control business in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management. We are here to talk about how to trap squirrels. Now the best thing to do is you can make a trap or you can go out and spend about $35 or $40 and buy one. You don't have to get a welder or anything else. I go out and I'm a professional on this and I'll buy traps instead of making them. These traps can be purchased at any hardware store, big box retailer, pretty much any home improvement stores will have them. It is a lot quicker, a lot easier and that goes a long way. Squirrels are very difficult to trap. The attractant you need to use is going to be nuts, any kind of nut material so they are attracted into it but if you have squirrels getting into your attic the best thing to do is trap them or wait until they leave in the morning and then close up the openings. Good luck.