Where Do Mice Nest?

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Mice tend to nest in small, dark nooks where they can be warm and dry, such as underneath wooden decks, underneath wood piles, underneath the foundation of a house or in any other dark space. Block off spaces under a house or a deck to avoid mice... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this section we're going to talk about where do mice nest. Well mice are a little rodent that live everywhere on this planet, and they are a food supply for lots of birds and other animals. So they do have a purpose. But we don't want them living in our homes or underneath the house or underneath the shed or in a wood pile. Because they can multiply and multiply and become a problem. So when you're trying to find out where the mice are coming from, the first place to look is under your deck or anywhere where they have access, where they're dry and warm. So right here underneath my deck is a perfect place for the mice to nest. They can go underneath and make a little burrow. And multiply. This hasn't been a problem, I haven't had any mice or anybody under this deck, luckily, but if I did find some mice under here, the first thing I would do is block any access off. So I put another piece of wood underneath the bottom right here, and block the entire access to underneath the deck, and that's what you would have to do. We have a wood pile in the back that we tarp, so underneath that wood pile is the perfect place for mice to hang out, and I don't mind, I have seen some mice back there, but not many. And luckily I have my cat Dexter and he's really good at killing all of the mice in my neighborhood.