Using an Orbital Sander for Furniture Refinishing

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Learn tips and techniques for how to refinish old wood furniture, including using the orbital sander for furniture stain removal, in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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Ok. Now, before we start our actual project, I need to go over the sanders that I brought with me. First off, we have the orbital sander and then we have the random orbit sander. Now, they both sound very similar but they do two very different things. First, lets look at how to use the orbital sander. It's a hand held sander that's easy on the wrists and makes for a really nice finished product. It's used for lighter projects and can sand well on varnished surfaces. When using the orbital sander, always make sure that you're sanding with the grain of wood. That means the directions of the lines that you see on the wood. That's the direction you want to go because otherwise, you'll end up with scratches on the wood. The oribital sander is really nice for getting into those fine edges and corners as well. When using the orbital sander, the sand paper needs to be loaded at tightly as possible to the actual drum. We'll look at how to load it right now.