How to Maintain & Care for a Yard Edger Trigger

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Hi! Mu name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today I would like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a yard edger. Another area you will want to familiarize yourself with on your gas power yard tool and as well as the electric, and this area is the trigger control or throttle control. This particular one is located just before the engine and the electric throttle is towards the back. This particular model also has a safety feature built in. It won't allow you to depress the throttle or the trigger unless you depress the safety release. So in order to rev up the engine, you have to press the safety release and that allows you to operate the trigger. This particular model is a variable speed. The more we pull the trigger, the faster the engine goes. The less we pull the trigger, the slower the engine goes and this allows a little more position depending upon where you are at or what you are trying to accomplish. On a gas power yard tool, also you will find a kill switch typically located somewhere close to the engine or the throttle control. This kill switch is what turns the engine off after it is running. It is also necessary to make sure it is on the on position prior to starting the gas power yard tool. On an electric yard tool, there is no kill switch. It is merely just the throttle control.