How to Rid Your Home of Bats

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Get rid of bats in your home by setting up a funnel trap that only allows the bats to exit and closing up potential entrances in the house. Contact a professional to clean up after bats have lived in a house with advice from the owner of a pest control... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management. We're going to talk a little bit today about bat control in your house. Now remember bats are good for the environment. They feed on the bad insects, on the mosquitoes, they're eating those all the time. But unfortunately their guano or feces is very dangerous, we'd like to keep them in the caves and the tree areas so that way they're out in nature doing what they're supposed to do because they're basically they are nature's pest control. But unfortunately sometimes they get into our houses. This house for example has got a nice opening on the end. This is for ventilation, but we've got squares and one of them has popped open it had all screen on it and now bats have gotten inside. How we're going to control this, make sure everything is screened up except for the one opening they're using. Now we put a funnel trap. Now the funnel trap is simply a funnel made of hardware cloth and at one end of it is a trapdoor. Door opens out and it's over sized so it opens out and it doesn't open back in. You can make this very easily with hardware cloth, make it into a cone, open at each end, at the small end of it should not be bigger than the size of a quarter, about that, then take a small circular section of hardware cloth that's cut a little bit larger than that small opening, wire that in so it's a hinge, put that up on the wall, now you have your one way exit. They can only come out, they can't go back in. Make sure though they don't have any babies because then you're going to have all kinds of dead babies up here and that's not a good thing. Cleaning up from bats, that can be a little bit of a chore, make sure you either have professionals do it or suit up with appropriate safety protection. Good luck.