How Long Does it Take to Install Sprinklers

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Hi I'm Fernando with Expert Village and we are going over your sprinkler system and the question is how long does it actually take to install your sprinkler system and how much time should I allow in budget for this to happen? If it is a one man show I would give yourself if it is your first time I would give yourself at least 2 weeks. To allow you to fail, to have some mishaps. If you are working with a friend or a contractor who knows exactly what they are doing you can knock this out in a couple of days. The other delays might come in ordering your sod and rocks and whatever additional materials you would need. But the key thing here is by planting your type of you know the train that your dealing with whether it is a solid rock, soft dirt, each of those would play huge factor as well. So in a normal environment where your not dealing with extreme circumstances you should be able to do this in a week. With help less and brand new give yourself more time and no pressure. I'm Fernando this is Expert Village.