Bed Frames & Mattress Protection

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Using a bed frame and mattress protection, such as plastic wrapping, has both pros and cons for the life of the mattress. Learn about bed frames and protecting a mattress with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a... View Video Transcript

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Hi a lot of people chose different types of metal frames like this one right here, is a metal frame. You can choose any metal frame you want as long as the base of the bed has a center support system underneath it. That's the only requirement for your mattress that it has a center support on a Queen and a King size mattress. But this is not going to offer any extra comfort or it's not going to hurt your mattress as long as you have the adequate support underneath it. I've heard that a lot of people like to leave the plastic on their mattress, it's really not a good idea. The mattress is designed to work without the plastic, it does keep your bed clean sometimes, but your bed and the materials in it need to breath. So it can cause condensation to get into your beds so it's important that you take the plastic off. However, the mattress industry has come up with a new mattress pad that breathes but it also does not let any liquid go through to the mattress at all. It also protects the bed from dust mites. And that's really important. So it's, it has enough room in it so that it can breathe and let the mattress breathe underneath it, but then again it doesn't let water through or any liquid or dust mites so this or either your body sweat or any thing like that. So a good mattress pad is really what you are looking for. You are not looking for keeping the plastic on it.