How to Use a Rototiller

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When using a rototiller, adjust the depth guide to shallow or deep, be careful with feet and be in a good, firm position behind it. Operate a rototiller properly with tips from a lawn-care specialist in this free video on garden equipment. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. Want to talk to you about how to use a tiller or a rototiller. The first thing of course to keep in mind is always safety. You don't want to put your feet under these tines when the thing's running. All right, aside from that, there's certain things that will help improve what you're doing. Your depth adjustment bar; pull this pin, slide this up and down, put the pin in where you want it, will guide your depth; either real shallow or deeper. The other thing is to be sure that you're in a good firm position behind it, with grips on the handle. Allow the machine to do its work. Control it, but don't try to force the issue with it. You'll wear yourself out. Just go with it, guide it as you need to, stop it, turn it around, get it set before you go again. The other thing with the tiller, when you're tilling a area be sure that you overlap your tilling spaces. Make one pass; turn around and go at least about this depth, width rather, over an area that you've already tilled. So after that first pass you're not doing as much on each pass afterwards, but you need to overlap it just simply so you get a good till. Again, be very careful with your feet, have a good grip, and let the machine do the work.