How to Dig Trenches for Sprinklers

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Learn how to create trenches for the PVC piping while installing an irrigation system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Fernando and we are here with Expert Village we are going over how to create a water sprinkling system and specifically creating trenches that your pvc piping would need to lay in. Here you could see the different areas of the yard that has trenches already dug. One of the key things you need to have is a the flags the flags as you are noticing here are markers for where there actual sprinkler head. Again this would go back to your actually layout of your properly and the design you put together or professionally or even they have program to do this. So as you are looking your want to have about 6 inches of trench some areas are little bit lower some a little higher. Out here in California because there is not much freezing or temperature change we are able to go ahead and in some areas be as little as 3-4 inches. I prefer to stay around 4-6 inches, 6 inches is a good depth so you don't have to worry about. I am Fernando and we are going over creating trenches for your pvc pipping with water system and I'm here with Expert Village.