How to Cut PVC Pipe For Sprinkler System

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Learn how to cut PVC pipe for installing an irrigation system in this free landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village now we are going over cutting the pvc piping and what we have here is the pipe pvc cutters which are a excellent tool to have if budget constraint you not allowing to have it then I suggest that you go ahead and use a knife. One thing you want to do is once you have your mark on your pvc pipe which you can do with a pen you go ahead and clamp down and you score and snip the actual pvc pipe away. What this would do as you can see here this turning off the key what this would do will allow you to have accuracy in your actual piping needs. Again clamp down, you want to create a little leverage on it and if you need to use your hands make sure you clear all of your fingers and go ahead and squeeze away to pinch off that actual piping and there it is and your clear. Thank you I'm Fernando with Expert Village.