Sharpening a Metal Chisel

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How to sharpen a metal chisel; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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WILLIE: Hi, my name is Willie. I'm from Carson Saw Shop here in Eugene, Oregon and I've been sharpening tools here for 25, 30 years and I'm here with Expert Village today. I now have steel-cutting chisel. It's made for like breaking bolts or nuts loose that are hard and you can't get them loose with a wrench, so I'm going to sharpen this one up. Kinda the same as the other chisel, you want to keep it nice and square, so you just kind of go on to it. So we got a pretty good nip there, so I'll just go back and forth a few times trying to get that out. I can even change the angle up 90 degrees. I can switch over and come into it with the side of the wheel to square it up if I want. Mainly, just keep an eye on what you're doing and check it once in a while. Dip it in water to keep it cool. Of course, I need to de-burr the backside there to make it safe to hammer on. And that looks pretty good. If I was going to use this chisel, I would test it on what I'm trying to do with it. If it seemed to work--to dent it into easily, then, I'd want to take a torch and heat it up again and [SOUNDS LIKE] shell it to make it hard enough to do what I need it for.