Are Mice Dangerous?

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Mice can be very dangerous by chewing up wires that may cause fires. They also carry a variety of diseases, and their feces can cause food poisoning. Get rid of mice living in a house with insight from a wildlife pest control specialist in this free... View Video Transcript

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How to take care of nuisance wildlife, rodent and pest problems. This is Ed with Critter Control of Tampa Bay. Are mice dangerous? They sure are. Twenty-five percent of our houses that burn down from unknown cause are caused by mice and other rodents. That's dangerous. If your computer cable is up in the attic, which it probably is, if they chew it, no more computer. No security alarm. They can cause an awful lot of damage to the house if they gnaw the wrong wire at the wrong time, that house can burn down. So, these little critters can do an awful lot of damage. In addition, mice can carry a lot of different diseases. They carry leptospirosis. They carry a type of typhus. They carry difference pox type of bacteria. But the premiere, the first thing you need to worry about with mice is the product that they can taint. There's up to seventy pellets per day. And if these pellets get into your food product, there's an awful lot of salmonella, that's food poisoning, that can happen to your food product. So, you need to get rid of these guys. You can't have them living with you. Mice are bad, unless they're a pet. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.