How to Connect Piping For Sprinkler System

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village and now we are going to go over to how to connect your pvc piping. One of the things that is very important to do is make sure all of your surfaces are clean. Some people like to use sandpaper to give it a little score I did not do this on this particular site I felt very comfortable with the glue that we where using which adhere very quickly and simply by connecting it the glue does a excellent job sealing the actually pvc piping. So I put glue on both the male and female ends, insert it into the actual connector and then give it a firm snug push after that push hold it for a beat and then I continue forward to the next section. I continue this way making the way through the whole property as you can see there is multiple connections the blue is the indicator of where out work has been done for the actual connections. So again this is all you do is insert on both ends the glue that your using and go ahead and push firmly and you will have a firm tight fit. I'm Fernando and you are here with Expert Village.