Before Installing Sprinkler Heads

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village and now we are going over before you actually start installing a sprinkler heads. We have laid down our pvc piping, we have connected our pvc pipes, we have actually done our joining corners and we seal them all with the proper glue. Now before you actually install the sprinkler head what do you need to make sure that everything is correct and what you need to do is we move up as find your spot as you actual sprinkler and insert the actual riser into the threaded joining connector. Here you are able to see that the riser is connected with a corner unit and a pop out. Again you would place your joining thread connectors where your flags indicated where you actually need it that is how you keep track of everything where sprinkler system is throwing is by the use of the flags. The flags are very important and so the connection once the connections are made keep track of where your risers are actually going to go and make sure you use the right piping for the connector. One mistake by gluing a regular pvc pipe connector would mean the lose of a material.