How to Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows

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Prevent birds from flying into windows by taping up a reflective material, such as aluminum foil, to large areas of windows. Trying hanging CDs from windows to reflect light and keep birds away with instructions from the owner of a pest control business... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jim Harmon California Pest Management here in lovely southern California. We are going to talk a little bit about what can you do to stop birds from running into the windows at your house. A lot of people are putting reflective film and UV barrier film on their windows. Unfortunately that's darkening them up and turning them almost into mirrors. And birds they see another bird in there and they'll fly right at it in defensive manner if they are trying to defend their territory. A lot of times they think they can fly straight through. Especially when you have a nice open house and lots of windows. We need something to hand down, something to reflect off so it freaks the birds out so they notice this is a solid object. This is a solid area. Now how do we do that without going too much into arm and a leg. Let me you you. Ok now we need to make some kind of reflective strip. Something that's going to reflect light and the birds will notice. So around the house everybody's got aluminum foil. And you can have the kids get together and do this as a project. Take aluminum foil and take some scotch tape. And we are going to make strips of the foil. Mind you, you can do this as you are pulling the foil out with the cutters that are already on the boxes. You make nice strips of the foil, you can even go thinner and they by the way sell foil already in rolls for this purpose so you don't have to cut up your nice aluminum foil. You can buy that in the hardware store and home and gardens stores also. You take this, and we are going to walk over here to our window and we'll be taping this is place on the windows. Now we want to have one of these for everyone of these panes in this door so yeah that's a lot of stuff. But if you have birds tape this across, make a nice pattern, one each so they at least notice it's here. Very simple and very inexpensive and an easy way to make sure the birds see that you have windows. You can also use our CD trick and hang a CD from the inside or the outside and as they are spinning around they are catching the light and the birds see them too and they stay away.