Tips on How to Steam Clean a Carpet

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Tips on how to steam clean your own carpet with a Rug Doctor rented machine in this free introduction to carpet cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana Bragsburg with Expert and today we are going to be steam cleaning our carpet. The machine that we are going to use today is called the Rug Doctor and you can rent this at Long’s or several other kinds of stores. They can be expensive to buy so it’s fairly economical to rent one and if you hired a professional to steam clean your carpet, it would cost substantially more. So this is the Rug Doctor, the steam cleaner which means hot water is forced down into the rug then little brushes pick the water back up and bring the dirty water back into the container which you would empty out. So we are going to be moving some furniture; we are going to be pre-treating some spots and then we are going to clean our carpet and it will be beautiful.