Letting a Carpet Dry After Steam Cleaning

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Hi! This is Diana for Expert Village.com and we have just steam cleaned our carpet at home with the rental machine called the Rug Doctor. So I’ve passed one way and I’ve done it cross way to get all the stains up and now we have to let our carpet dry. Usually most of the water is sucked up back into the machine so you won’t have to let it dry for a really long time but I recommend doing it on a sunny day, dry day. If it was rainy outside, of course it would take longer to dry so we’ve done our carpet on a sunny day when we are going to be out of the house for a few hours. We don’t need any kids or pets running across our carpet while it is still a little bit damp. I’ve just going to open the windows, open the doors and let the warm air flow through and then our carpet should be dry completely in about 6 hours.