How to Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard Naturally

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In order to get rid of fleas in the yard naturally, use diatomaceous earth and pour it around infested areas. Get rid of fleas in the yard naturally with diatomaceous earth by using tips from an exterminator in this free video on pest control. View Video Transcript

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I'm Trevor with Monster Pest Control, located in American Fork, UT, we're talking about ridding your home of insects, the topic today is ridding your yard, naturally, from fleas. I've got some, what we call diatomaceous earth, and using diatomaceous earth you can use it on the outside of your home. I've got it in a bulb duster. Basically, when you find an area that's infested with fleas, you can take and you can put the dust out on there, out on the different areas. I'll pour some out so you can see it. You can take the diatomaceous earth, it is made of like crushed fossils shells, things like that, so it's all natural. Basically, pour it around the different areas. You can put it throughout your whole yard if you want to do so or find those areas that are most infested, to get rid of the fleas. Also, because it is a natural product, you can rub it on your animals, dogs, and cats. I recommend, often, to talk to a vet before you attempt to do something like that and read the label from the diatomaceous earth, to make sure you do it correctly.