How to Steam Clean a High Traffic Carpet

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Learn how to steam clean high-traffic or Berber carpet with a Rug Doctor when cleaning your own carpets in this free DIY house cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana again for Expert and we are talking about steam cleaning your carpet at home with a rental machine called the Rug Doctor. I have just gone over the whole carpet in a horizontal way, overlapping 2 or 3 inches each pass so you don’t get streaks between your passes. If you have some high traffic areas that look like they didn’t get completely cleaned, you can go over them one more time but you have to be especially careful not to get your carpet too wet. Especially with Berber carpet, you don’t want to go over it twice with the water going. So what you would do is you would pass over the area without pressing the red button so you would be going over it with a scrubber that no more water will be going to your carpet. So I am going to go in the opposite direction. First time I went this way across and now I am going to go this way across. I’ll turn it on; I’ll walk backwards without pressing the red button.