How to Buy Material for Irrigation System

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Hi this is Fernando and we are here with Expert Village and again we are going over a watering system and particularly we are go over how much material you need to buy. Now out of the sprinkler, pvc piping, connectors how do you figure out what you need to buy and then here you need to go back to your planting. It is always very important to take the extra time to plant out your whole yard by drawing it on a piece of paper and going this is how much yardish I would need or square feet that I will need pvc pipe. This is how much if I take a left turn here and a left here I'm going to need 2 joining connectors. Also determine the types of connectors and all this is done by looking at what your drawings and scale says. Of course in real life when you get out there you are going to make changes so usually allowing 10-15 percent extra might be a little excessive but the pvc piping you are going to cutting down that is pretty norm. The joiners just pick up a few extras especially if you are new to this you don't want to break it or may do something properly and might need another a couple one hand. So the biggest thing here is look at your plant that you laid out on paper and it would allow you to determine what is the best way whether it is a n cap, a connector, a t connector so the best thing is to always plan ahead and that is determining what type of materials you are going to need and how much to buy. This is Fernando with Expert Village.