More Manual Sharpening Tips for a Hand Saw

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How to use some more tips for manually sharpening a hand saw; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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FRED CARSON: Hi, my name is Fred Carson. I'm from Carson Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon. I've been sharpening tools for over 30 years, and I'm here with the Expert Village. And this is our Stanley Handsaw Set. It's got a little plunger in here that goes up and down. It's got a dial adjustment for 11-point or 8-point, different settings on your number of teeth per inch. Just take it up here and you squeeze the trigger. It's at every other tooth, not too much, about 8,000, 10,000 on each tooth. That makes the steel right here, the point of the tooth wider than your main body of the saw. If you didn't have a set, you'd either have to have a taper ground saw, which is actually wider here and tapered down, but some of the old, old handsaws are made that way but even they require some set. And you would want to get finished going all the way across. You'd want to flip this saw over, get on the other side of the saw, and do the same thing over here. United States, they did this for years, and years, and years until they came out with automatic stuff, and after it came out then circle saws and stuff came out too, and you didn't really have to deal with this. But sometimes, you're not in those places where you can take it and have somebody else do it for you. Just go across the whole saw, and then, have one sharpened saw and the set saw to work better. One handsaw, sharp, ready to go, very sharp, cuts with a very keen edge.