Do Mice Bite?

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Mice bite with an elongated jaw in order to eat, gnaw or chew, and a good portion of a mouse's day is spent chewing. Find out why mice grind their teeth in order to keep them sharp and effective with help from an instructor and specialist in pest and... View Video Transcript

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Do mice bite? This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. That answer is unequivocally yes. They do. That's how they eat. That's how they chew. That's how they capture their food. They have a elongated jaw, like a rat, like a dog, not a pug. A pug can't bite as well as a German Shepard. The jaw structure is much different. They do bite, yes. And there are several reasons for that. One is to eat. They gnaw at things. They chew at things. They have to capture their food. They really don't have hands that are going to hold the food unless you have a pet mouse that's eating a Cheerios. That can be quite funny or attractive. But mice have to capture their own food. They have to be able to shred it. That's what teeth are for. One of the biggest reasons why mice bite is that their teeth grow. They're in a plant...they're in an animal family that that's what happens. Their teeth do grow. Rats, mice, the teeth are actually growing, so they have to continue to gnaw. Maybe up to five percent of their day is spent gnawing at something partly because their teeth grow and they have to grind them down. But another part is they want to keep them sharp. If they don't...if they're not sharp, that bite's not going to be effective. So the answer is yes, mice bite. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.