How to Pick Grape Hyacinth Bulbs

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. The first bloom in the Spring for me is Muscari armeniucum, or grape hyacinth. As you can tell from the name "armeniucum," they originally come from the Middle East (the Mediterranean area). So, Armania, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, they naturally occur all through the Western Middle East and they bloom usually, February, March of every year. When selecting a bulb for grape hyacinth, or muscari, I always like to have the bigger, the better. They are not a real big bulb and so they multiply real quickly. They look like a little Hershey's kiss candy. It's always good if you can get a mama with a baby together because they are going to get babies much quicker that way and you'll have a clump that is going to grow quicker and quicker and quicker. When planting them, I like to have a container. These are a smaller bulb. I use just a six inch or four inch even container. I always do groups of three and I put them in a little triangle. I don't plant them very deeply, just maybe two or three inches deep. A lot of times, with even smaller bulbs, I'll go three to even five or six of them, just because I want a lot of initial impact. I want them to really get crowded quickly. That's about as easy as it is. Next, we'll go to the next one for me to bloom, which is crocus.