Parts of a Rug Doctor Steam Cleaner

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Learn the parts of a Rug Doctor home steam carpet cleaning machine in this free video on how to clean carpet. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana with Expert and today we are going to be steam cleaning your carpet by yourself at home. We have the Rug Doctor Steam Cleaner which we rented from the store and I am going to show you the different parts of the machine. This is the handle, the handle release and the cord to plug into the wall. We have the on and off button. There is one setting for on if you are doing the carpet and the other way is on if you are cleaning upholstery. This is our container where the water shoots through. The dirty water comes through here and dumps into the bucket and the bucket is removable. We put our hot water and our soap in the red part of the container and on the bottom, we have the area where the water shoots out and we have the little brushes that brush the carpet and bring the water back up into the machine