How to Maintain & Care for a Power Sweeper

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Hi!This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip., we would be talking about maintain for your power sweeper. First, off the chord is the life line of your tool so you want to frequently go through and check your chord to see if there is any cracks, tears or breaks in it. If there are, they are need to be repaired immediately or replace the chord. On this plug in, it is starting to separate from the chord. Now that is very unsafe, it could potentially lead to injuries, electric shock or it could be a fire hazard. So you want to get this repaired before you use it for your power sweeper. Essentially the way that this tool works the tool would bring air into the inlet ports. It would spin it around and it would shoot it back out at a higher speed. Now because air is being sucked in from our tool from the inlet ports, we need to make sure that those ports are free from any debris. They stay clean and that nothing gets caught inside of it. The best way to free the bulk of the debris is to take a little compressed air and shoot it in that inlet port and that is going to knock out any large items. Lastly, you just want to check over the air nozzle of your tool. Now if it is in good working condition, your tool would be more effective and more efficient But if there is cracks or breaks in it, then your tool will not work as well. So you want to check that over and make sure that it is om good working condition also.