Adding Hot Water to a Carpet Steam Cleaner

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Learn how to add the hot water to the Rug Doctor to steam clean your carpet in this free DIY video introduction to carpet cleaning with a Rug Doctor. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana for Expert and today we are steam cleaning your carpet at home with a rented machine; this one’s called the Rug Doctor. So now we are going to put in the hot water into the hot water container. First of all we take off the bucket that holds the dirty water and you will see below there is a container to put the hot water. Each time you do this you will be refilling it with about 1 gallon of hot water right from your tap. Tap water usually comes out at a 110 to 150 degrees and that is just right for carpet cleaning. If you have a shag carpet, you have to be careful about how hot you get your water because shag carpet is twisted and it is heat set and you wouldn’t want to get it too hot and untwist your carpet. So we are going to put a gallon of hot water in the bottom container and then we are going to add the soap.