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One of the most valuable ways and easiest ways to get information to grow your orchids is to delve into some of the publications which are available today. That's hundreds of publications. This is one put together for Ecuadorian orchids. It's covered with photographs, which are done in high color, separation and it will give you a variety of interesting genera and species. The cover shows you Dracula, one of the rainforest orchids. If you turn it over you find it's giving you one of the other species that's typical in the rainforest area as well. The colors are unbelievable and they are so startling. A good book if you read through it, will not only give you the pictures of the orchid that you want to find. But will also talk a little bit about the culture necessary for them. Some of the very unusual ones and the nice thing is they show you a miniature orchid that you could put on a quarter and it looks like it's huge!