How to Grow Orchids on Sponge Rock or Perlite

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Orchids can be grown on sponge rock or perlite - as long as the right conditions are achieved. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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We can modify the orchid mediumn of any type by putting certain additions to the media which each provide a certain value to it. Bark is very commonly fixed with such things as sponge rock which is a form of volcanic rock which has a large number of air pockets and large chunks of it and what it does it tends to hold the medium open so it does not compact and shut off oxygen supply to the roots. In addition to Perlite or Sponge Rock we also tend to use charcoal and charcoal has the value of picking up certain noxious products that may occur in the medium and hold them away from the plant roots so they don't harm the root. We can go on and on and on because there are people that experiment all the time with what they may use to modify their medium.