Caring for Orchids' Pseudo bulbs

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Pseudo bulbs need special care in order to grow and prosper. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Sudo bulbs will vary in form substantially across the various genres of Orchards and in particular many of them will have the very, very thick very short and large Sudo Bulb. However when we start moving out through the genre such as into the Chadiler orchards we find that some of these become rather elongated and we still have that fleshy spongy interior for water storage, however we also find we have some members of the orchard family Cavelier tribe that have Sudo bulbs that are extremely accentuated and grow three to five feet high. So it's unusual to find all in the one sub form and it's more unusual to find just like French they always find a way to be a variation on the same.